For Non-Radiology Clinicians

Blackford provides efficiencies and benefits for Clinicians, Neurologists, Oncologists, Orthopods and other referring Clinicians.


We provide a single dedicated platform and services that support a curated portfolio of applications on one system, streamlines analysis, and helps clinicians produce more actionable information to boost clinical value across wide-ranging specialties.

We work together with you to evaluate and tailor AI applications and services to help improve diagnostic confidence and reduce the cost of care.


Key Benefits

improve diagnostic
More informed decisions

Access actionable information that can be used to assist clinical decisions, and access analytics and data to support better-informed decisions.

automate workflow
Enhanced reporting for  diseases

Achieve better patient outcomes and improve diagnostic confidence with more quantification in reports and automated delivery of relevant condition-specific information.

generate revenue
Reduce planning time and costs

Access applications that help reduce treatment and intervention planning time, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced decision-making for patient treatment plans.

Access multiple applications

One platform with multiple FDA cleared applications adds clinical value across a wide range of specialties.

improve diagnostic
Streamline value-added analysis

With seamless integration into existing systems, clinicians can access a broad range of applications that provide additional clinical value.

To discover the full benefits of a centralized platform, download our ‘Adopting a Platform Strategy’ eBook here.

Who we help


Radiologist Clinicians

Radiologists, Radiology Directors, Technologists and other radiology staff

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IT Department

Radiology Informatics, IT Directors, Managers and PACS Administrators

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Senior hospital administrators including CIO, CMO, CMIO, CFO and legal counsel

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