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Leading the way in transformative healthcare solutions since 2010, we tap into the potential of AI to enhance clinical practices and and usher in a new era of patient care.

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Formed in 2010 by Founder and CEO, Ben Panter, Blackford are pioneers in the radiology AI space, with over a decade of experience working in partnership with leading hospitals and ground-breaking technology providers. We operate as a strategic AI partner, providing access to a tried-and-tested core platform, tailored services, and a portfolio of 125+ applications to help healthcare providers drive efficiencies, advance diagnostic confidence and improve patient outcomes. 

Blackford's journey began by developing a product used to improve the diagnostic process for MRI and CT scans, allowing radiologists to quickly assess and compare change between scans taken at different times. This product is now used in over 1,000 hospitals and imaging centres, mostly in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2013, Blackford announced its first product integrations into commercial image viewers, and has since been working in partnership with multiple imaging system providers, including IBM, Intelerad Medical Systems and Nikon.

Following this commercial success, in 2015 Blackford recognised the potential AI had for providing value to healthcare providers and adapted our offering to adopt a platform business model - delivering 3rd party products to both existing and new customers. We are pioneers in this space.

Blackford Team

Easily integrated into existing workflows, the Blackford Platform aggregates a selection of medical imaging analysis products, providing actionable information that allows healthcare providers to use imaging information smartly and reduce the cost of care while improving diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes. Results and reports are delivered seamlessly to where they are needed in existing systems.

We partner with technology providers to ensure multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms can be quickly deployed on the Blackford Platform. Our platform can be hosted on client premise or in the cloud, and is deeply integrated with existing radiology workflows.

The business has grown significantly - from 3 people in 2010 to well over 100 today, with plans to continue to grow further moving forward. With a growing team in the US and APAC, the company continues to be true to our roots with our HQ in Edinburgh.

Our collaboration and recent arms-length acquisition by Bayer ensures that our customers and partners have the support and long-term security needed to underpin successful AI strategies.

Our Vision & Values



 Pragmatic, Flexible, Innovative     



 Trustworthy, Quality, Accountable  



Empathetic, Supportive, Inclusive, Respectful   

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