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We are striving to create an unrivalled ecosystem of AI partners, where we provide mutually beneficial commercial value to healthcare providers.


Blackford are pioneers in the medical AI space. We launched the first AI platform to market in 2015 and have healthcare customers across the globe.

Our mission is to help improve the lives of patients and populations by unlocking the benefits AI can provide healthcare institutions. Our tried-and-tested platform sits at the core of our offering, enabling our customers to access and drive value from our market leading portfolio of 125+ AI application partners across 8 key clinical and operational service areas: Neuro, Thoracic, Cardiac, MSK, Body, Breast, Pediatric and Operational.

Blackford’s experienced clinical and technical teams are constantly proactively reviewing the AI landscape to identify and evaluate applications and prospective partners that we feel can provide benefit and value to healthcare providers and their patients. 

We are striving to create an unrivalled ecosystem of AI partners, where we provide mutually beneficial commercial value but also opportunity to engage with and promote our partners brands and solutions to the global healthcare market. 

As Blackford does not develop our own proprietary AI applications, we are able to follow an agnostic approach based on evaluating the best-fit applications to solve specific customer problems and use cases.

If you are a healthcare AI application provider interested in finding out more about the Blackford AI portfolio and partner ecosystem, please reach out to our Partnership Team to set up a meeting.

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Clinicians, Neurologists, Oncologists, Orthopods and other referring Clinicians

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Radiology Informatics, IT Directors, Managers and PACS Administrators

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Senior hospital administrators including CIO, CMO, CMIO, CFO and legal counsel

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