Simplify the evaluation, deployment and management of AI via the Blackford Platform™

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Blackford provides access to the widest available portfolio of imaging AI solutions via our tried-and-tested platform, providing a single point for managing the complexity of AI.

Fully integrated with your existing systems, Blackford Platform™ simplifies implementing and managing multiple imaging and operational AI applications and reduces load on PACS.

New applications can be efficiently added to the image-processing platform, reducing implementation time, costs, and long-term maintenance. Performance is monitored 24/7 by Blackford Dashboard™.

Features of the Blackford Platform™

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Multiple Applications

Hosts and manages a portfolio of Blackford® and Platform Partner solutions, configured and managed centrally, supporting automated or triggered processing of imaging applications and AI algorithms.

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Fully DICOMcompliant + HL7

DICOM compliant and integrated with DICOM modality worklist to pre-fetch prior studies for analysis. HL7 for orchestration and reporting.

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Configurable Dataflow

Configurable data flow management provides multiple adaptable SCPs that maximize data ingestion speed, customizable AE titles for manual triggering, and comprehensive patient consolidation from multiple sources.

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Ultra-fast Cache

Ultra-fast hybrid cache manages and prioritizes incoming data, quickly transferring it to clinical applications. Automated cache optimization provides fast access to cached data, cascading storage, and proprietary indexing.

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Relevancy Engine

Relevancy engine determines which studies to send to each clinical application and collates descriptor knowledge from all deployments.

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Configurable Workflow

Blackford zero-footprint viewer allows for oversight and accept or reject of AI results before they enter the PACS.

To discover the full benefits of a centralized platform, download our ‘Adopting a Platform Strategy’ eBook here.

Key Benefits of the Blackford Platform™

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 Simplify with
one strategic partner

Working with a single partner means one point of contact, contract, deployment,and support, eliminating the extra time and effort to support AI solutions across multiple vendors.

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Efficient evaluation,
deployment and maintenance

New applications can be deployed quickly and efficiently on the existing platform, reducing deployment time, costs, maintenance, monitoring, and support requirements.

Single icon
Access the whole
imaging AI marketplace
from a single platform

Blackford One platform
to deploy and manage multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms that deliver specific benefits for radiologists and referring clinicians.

Optimize icon
Optimize use
of existing resources

Fully integrated
with existing systems to minimize impact and eliminate performance degradation. Management of DICOM interface minimizes impact
on PACS. 

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Once installed and configured, additional AI applications can be evaluated and added quickly, ensuring that training, monitoring, and support is only required for one system. 

Access new icon
 Access new
AI technology quickly

We partner with
technology providers to ensure multiple imaging applications can be
quickly deployed on a single platform.


Access platform icon
Access the whole imaging
AI marketplace from a
single dedicated platform

Blackford navigates
the whole AI market to assist with the selection and evaluation of applications that best fits your use case.


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Efficient evaluation,
deployment and maintenance

 Commercial and in-house built AI applications can be efficiently deployed
on the Blackford platform, reducing overall deployment time, costs, maintenance, monitoring and support requirements.

Blackford Dashboard™

Blackford Dashboard™ is a powerful monitoring tool for users of the Blackford Platform™. By providing 24/7 insight into the platform’s health, as well as all activity and data being processed on it, our dashboard allows PACS vendors, PACS administrators and healthcare IT departments to save time through unparalleled access to the key system health and analysis information they need.

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Activity Monitoring

Provides real-time information on processing activities, such as numbers of studies received, number of jobs triggered, number of jobs that produced results, total job turn-around time, and how often third-party applications were triggered.

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Data Monitoring

Generates summaries of data processed on Blackford Platform across any time period, from minutes to years, including reported totals as well as graphs.

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System Health Monitoring

Provides detailed information about the running status of Blackford Platform, as well as monitoring information on the server it is running on, including memory and hard drive space.

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Encrypts all monitoring data during transmission, does not transmit any PHI and access requires two-factor authentication.

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Mobile Enabled

Several of our applications work across desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

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Accept/Reject Tool

Blackford's Zero-Footprint Accept/Reject Tool allows for the AI results of contextually launched studies to be reviewed before being sent to the PACS

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