For Medical Research Groups

We provide expert technical consultation to clearly understand and map in-house AI application specification.


Many research customers want access to both commercially-available and pre-clinical applications, which are often proprietary applications developed in-house. Blackford makes it easy to integrate and deploy pre-clinical applications on our Platform. We provide expert technical consultation to clearly understand and map in-house AI application specification, create a tailored dockerization plan (if possible) and then test post deployment.

The strength of our Platform, broad application portfolio and in-house application integration and deployment support is evident by looking at the level and nature of businesses that we currently partner with and the longevity of many of these relationships. We have been selected as the strategic platform partner for delivering AI in medical imaging by both regional solutions providers and multinational companies across multiple market segments. 

Our Strategic Partnerships include providers of medical imaging platforms, clinical workflow solutions, pharma, cloud services and medical imaging equipment.

Medical Research Groups

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Clinicians, Neurologists, Oncologists, Orthopods and other referring Clinicians

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Radiology Informatics, IT Directors, Managers and PACS Administrators

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Senior hospital administrators including CIO, CMO, CMIO, CFO and legal counsel

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