Our MEASURE service helps healthcare providers efficiently and effectively evaluate different AI solutions


Our MEASURE service is focused on helping healthcare providers efficiently and effectively identify and/or evaluate different AI solutions to ensure optimal performance and best-fit. We work together to understand your needs and provide an optimal MEASURE exercise relative to these.

Once the high-potential AI applications have been selected, Blackford takes an evidence-based approach to Measuring these applications with our customers. Our experienced team works in partnership with you to orchestrate side-by-side evaluations of specific applications in the customer’s environment, on their own data to ensure that AI is solving the identified clinical and business problems. This is accomplished behind the customer’s firewalls.

Blackford’s approach is specific to given use cases and helps determine if an AI application can deliver on its claimed accuracy and efficiency gains at required volumes. This tailored approach avoids expensive, resource-heavy and time-consuming trial and error AI application procurements.

Why should you evaluate AI performance?

We have seen the same AI application perform differently and provide different results in different environments.

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