Our REALIZE service provides ongoing monitoring of your deployed AI solutions


Our REALIZE service provides ongoing monitoring of your deployed AI solutions to ensure they are running optimally within your workflow, providing business insight, proof of value and detecting data drift that may occur.

Once the best-fit applications have been evaluated, Blackford quickly and securely deploys the successful application(s) to our platform, enabling our customers to realize the value of their AI applications at scale. Working together throughout the process, Blackford sets success criteria with customers that help them understand how the AI solutions they have integrated are affecting their business at scale on an ongoing basis through continual monitoring.

Because our technical, clinical and commercial teams have undertaken all the up-front due diligence needed to contract and onboard an AI application to the Blackford Platform, we take care of all workflow integrations, orchestration and tools required, whilst continually measuring application performance and delivering economies of scale to magnify the benefits of your AI portfolio over time.

Blackford also quickly adapts to the changing needs of customers. Whether a new application needs to be evaluated and deployed or an entirely new clinical or business problem needs to be solved, the Blackford Customer Success Team assists customers through the process.


Once deployed, we leverage data captured by the Blackford Platform and/or shared by the provider to create bi-annual reports covering adoption/usage stats and AI vs. ‘ground truth’ discordance.

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