Customer In-house Apps

Our IN-HOUSE APPS service enables healthcare providers to integrate and deploy their proprietary apps via our Platform


Many healthcare providers are now developing proprietary AI applications. Blackford provides the ability to integrate and deploy in-house apps via our Platform.

We provide expert technical consultation to clearly understand and map the in-house AI application specification, create a tailored dockerization plan (if possible) and then test post deployment.

There are typically 3 different approaches to integrating and deploying a customer’s proprietary in-house developed applications to the Blackford Platform:


This represents our basic integration where the Blackford Platform host and the integration host reside within the customer’s site. And all communications uses the DICOM protocol.

The Blackford Platform is hosted in a Windows host which receives data from the PACS and sends the data to the integration host.

The integration host (Linux based) consists of Blackford’s integration code layer that communicates directly with the provider’s application.



In this diagram, we are looking at an integration where the platform still communicates with the integration layer that is hosted on a Linux box.

Now, the provider’s app is hosted in the provider’s cloud environment. As it is cloud based, like AWS, the clinical application can easily reside in the same region as the customer’s site.

The communication between the integration layer and the cloud clinical application mostly will be HTTPs or DICOMweb or through VPN.


In this diagram, we are almost in the same situation as in the last slide. However, the provider provides a gateway or a router to their secured cloud-based app.

Communications will still be secure via the likes of HTTPs, DICOMweb, VPN, etc..

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